Biography of Moscow artist Boris Ivanov

Ivanov Boris Mikhailovich - painter

Boris Ivanov

Years of life: 14.08.1957 - 02.12.2023.

Boris Ivanov was born in Dnipropetrovsk (Ukrane), in a military musician family. I've arrived in Moscow in 1973. I worked at building, after that at a factory as an artist designer, in 1989 I graduated the Moscow art school in memory of 1905. In 1992 I have begun to work with genre compositions together with plein-air schizzos of Moscow city landscapes and, of course, with portraits. I have already begun to exhibit when I was a student. The first foreign exhibition was in Australia.

ВFor the first time I called my collection as "the Planet of Fats" in 2000 (the Moscow journalist L. Urazova suggested it). Nowadays I continue to work on this series, the themes from life are inexhaustible. The characters, of course, change externally and internally as it seems to me. I take a lot of subjects from the life: my navy time, study at music school, and around everything is enough. I work hard with pleasure, taking enjoyment from the process. During this time I have made more than 3000 paintings. Since 2006 I have begun to make dolls if it is possible to call them as dolls. So as to making the paintings not becoming bore, I put aside them and shape the figures, sculptures and such as the paintings with light grotesque, without any rage. I hope that all my works have kind irony, and fats are simly big and kind.

My works, naturally, have scattered worldwide, excepting Africa, probably everywhere though I have notjing bad about Africa. When you works with galleries, you doesn't know where your work has left. My works are situated in the family collections of many Russian politicians and artists: M. Gorbachov, V. Zhirinovsky, Yu. Luzhkov, I. Kobzon, N. Mikhalkov, O. Tabakov, M. Zakharov, I. Oleynikov, Yu. Stoyanov, A. Kucherena, M. Lesin, E. Malysheva, etc. Since 2013 I am cooperating with doll gallery of I. Myzina "Vakhtanov" in the Central House of Artists, and with «Dolls space» gallery. I am participating in a lot of projects and exhibitions. Since 2013 I am taking part in the International salons of dolls on Tishinka from gallery "Dolls space". Together with them I am exhibited also in the Moscow puppet theater on Spartakovskaya street.